The Bioventing is a bioremediation technology that allows the use of indigenous microorganisms for the degradation of organic compounds adsorbed by the mineral and organic fractions of the soil and the soil in the unsaturated wing.

The Bioventing process is developed through the introduction of air in the layers of soil affected by the presence of organic contaminants.

The oxygen allows the activation of catabolic processes of aerobic almost all organic open-chain compounds (eg. hydrocarbons) and in the presence of low levels of halogenation.

In contrast to the SVE technologies, where the removal of the volatile fractions takes place prior to interstitial air intake, in Bioventing operating the forced introduction of air through a series of wells capable of channelling air and any stimulators agents, even at considerable depths.

An average density measurement involves the installation of 4-6 wells of 3-5 cm diameter, per square meter of surface area and an average depth of 3-5 m.

The indicative measurement of the plot of populating the microbial level during the treatment step generally provides for a concentration of microbial colonies equal to 1000-1500 CFU / g of dry soil.

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