Environmental Remediation System

Our environmental remediation systems are designed for the future in order to ensure the safety of people and environment. They represent the result of a constant applied scientific research and continuous updating.

Given the disproportionate use of combustible material that is done in our country, we are often faced with situations of contamination of soils and subsoils due to the fuels themselves.

The traditional approach to the problem is the implementation of so-called ex-situ remediation, providing for handling and removal of materials and contaminated soil and their transfer to waste dump.

However it is clear how a system of this type, in addition to not completely solve the pollution problem, even amplify the problem.

In fact, both to remove a soil, which to transport it in waste dump, combustion machines are needed and often the amount of fuel burned for the remediation of a soil far exceeds the contamination itself.

This means thinking about the future? Or is it a problem to move from side to side?

Our systems, however, are designed to perform remediation in-situ, more environmentally friendly and safer because it does not involve the displacement of polluting materials, but their treatment directly on site with appropriate technologies, without resorting to the removal of the affected matrices by the pollution.

Since national and Community legislative initiatives tend to promote remediation activities by combining the protection of natural resources with the economic regeneration of the affected areas.

The reclamation in situ, in addition to being less invasive and impact on the environment compared to conventional reclamation ex situ, also have lower costs and do not provide for the interruption of the activities performed daily on site.

Below you will find an accurate description of our reclamation plants in situ, what they do, how they work.

Pump & Treat

Soil Washing

Soil Vapor Extractor


Sanitizing with ozone


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