Pump & Treat

Pump & Treat a remediation technique, which consists in pumping and surface treatment of polluted groundwater.

The process involves the creation of a hydraulic barrier, due to the pumping of water from the aquifer and subsequent treatment of the extracted water.

The water, in output from the treatment process, can be poured into the sewer or into a surface water basin.

Pump & Treat technique is a reclamation process that takes place in situ (usually) according to the following phases:

  1. Pumping water polluted by the extraction wells. The number of wells used depends on the extension of the area to be reclaimed and the type of contaminant source;
  2. Water collection in tanks and sent to the treatment plant;
  3. Polluted water treatment and re-integration of the same into the water table or possible discharge into the sewer.


Traffic accident occurring to any motor vehicle designed to transport hydrocarbons.

The spillage that results, in addition to the contamination of the area covered by the initial spill, it can also affect any surface and groundwater streams. This last hypothesis is almost certain in case the soil present on site is of gravel nature and therefore very permeable. Therefore during the emergency phase is extremely important to protect the aquifer, through the installation of submersible pumps, creating depressions containing the water within range of lifting systems, thus avoiding the formation of plume of contamination.

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