Soil Vapour Extraction

The Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE) is an intervention for the treatment of soils, which allows, through a controlled flow of air, the removal of volatile organic contaminants present in the unsaturated zone of the soil.

Through the intervention of Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE) empty pockets are created in the subsoil that facilitate the removal of contaminants by volatilization; it then creates a vacuum that pulls out the volatile components of the pollutant in the soil.

The aspiration of a controlled flow from the subsoil draws new air to the surface thus favouring the biological degradation processes of the contaminants.

Aspirated gases are treated before their emission into the atmosphere.

The amount of extracted contaminants in unit time decreases rapidly during ventilation.


Extraction of an old underground tank containing diesel fuel for domestic or industrial heating.

It often happens that such tanks are drilled and, if you have not planned any containment tank, as often happened in the past, the contamination has spread in depth until it reaches the groundwater.

Dig up the ground until it reaches the groundwater is clearly not possible, here is indispensable for the installation of a security system for the groundwater (Pump & Treat), and for the above ground (SVE).

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